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Get Funded: A practical guide to obtaining Legal Aid funding and making the most of it

Speakers: Susie Winter (Grants & CDF Manager, Legal Aid), Kim Baumeler (Liverpool Chambers) and Andrew Mead (Wallace Wilkinson & Webster)

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Southern Young Lawyer Lecture Series

Delivered 4 July 2019

CPD Guide: 1(PM/PS)

LACT Guidelines for Eligibility

LACT Work Items and Fee Scale

Application for Review

This session covers:

  • Electronic Lodgement  “E-Lodge”
  • The Two Tests
  • Eligibility Checklist
  • Assessment of Means
  • Failing the Means Test: Assets
  • Types of Grants
  • Essentials for Blurb
  • Grants Officer Pet Hates!
  • Review of Refusal of Aid

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