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Elder and Succession Law Double Event - Estate Planning - Second Spouses and Competing Claims

Speakers: J Dixon, Principal, Moores Legal, D Lienert, Chartered Accountant, Dawson Lienert and D Egan, Partner, Murdoch Clarke

Digital content

  • Video recordings (Session 1 and Session 2) - 2 x one hour recordings
  • Session 1 - Detailed Paper - 11 pages
  • Session 1 - PowerPoint Presentation in PDF
  • Session 2 - PowerPoint Paper only (pdf)


CPD Guide: 2, SL, PS


Session I:

Will Drafting to Deal with Competing Claims (including Wills for Second Marriages), Blended Families

Topics covered will include:

  • The importance of understanding structures and ownership (including liabilities)
  • Types of testamentary trusts – pros and cons
  • The role of mutual Wills
  • Tax issues to consider
  • CGT & life interests
  • Family Trust Elections in testamentary trusts
  • Super death benefits

Speaker: Jennifer Dixon, Principal, Moores


Session II
Using Superannuation in Estate Planning to Effectively Provide for a Second Spouse
Plus an update on changes to superannuation from 1 July 2017 and what these mean for estate planning

With the right planning, using superannuation to provide for a second spouse of a willmaker can have a number of taxation and protective advantages when compared to only making provision by Will.   However, changes to superannuation announced in the 2016 Budget  (effective 1 July 2017) may impact on this planning for some clients.

Covered in this seminar:

  • A general review of 2016 Budget changes to superannuation from 1 July 2017
  • The 2016 Budget changes, and how they may impact estate planning in general
  • The potential tax advantages of superannuation death benefit payments to a spouse direct from a super fund
  • The requirements for a person to qualify as a “spouse” for the purpose of superannuation payments and taxation on death
  • Strategic estate planning and how superannuation payments may protect provision for a spouse (or other beneficiaries) from competing claims including TFM claims by adult step children
  • Case examples / scenario studies - practical applications

Speakers:  David Lienert, Chartered Accountant, Dawson Lienert Chartered Accountants and Damian Egan, Partner, Murdoch Clarke

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