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Vicarious Trauma: Dealing with Confronting and Sexual Crimes

Speakers: Tim Marsh

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Delivered at the Criminal Law Conference
1 March 2019
CPD Guide: 1, PS/PM

Session Outline:

  • Why do some cases get under our skin?
  • What is Vicarious Trauma and how does it affect practitioners?
  • My own experience of VT in the context of representing difficult clients in difficult cases
  • How VT can be managed on an individual level
  • How VT can be avoided on an organisational level

    Some key messages:

  • No-one is immune: there is a combination of practitioner, case and point in time that may result in the practitioner experiencing VT
  • VT and resilience are inextricably linked. Strategies that focus on building personal resilience are a strong preventative of VT
  • Waiting until a crisis happens means you end up dealing with more than the presenting issue. Knowing your limits and understanding the expectations you have of others is crucial to preventing VT.

Speaker: Tim Marsh, Chief Counsel, Victoria Legal Aid

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