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COVID19 Response Series: Remote Working - How to Keep Happy, Healthy and Productive

Speakers: Petris Lapis

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COVID19 Response Program - Free Law Society Member Webinar Series

Webinar delivered 20 April 2020

CPD Guide: 1 PM

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Remote Working: How To Keep It Happy, Healthy And Productive

Many of us are currently working from home or remotely for the first time. Remote working while observing social distancing poses a number of challenges. Discover the tips, tools and strategies to make the experience happier, healthier and more productive for you and those you are at home with



Petris Lapis, B Com LLB LLM FIPA FFA

Petris has worked in accounting, law, academia, banking, business and training. She has consulted to government and industry and published several books and hundreds of papers. She has studied commerce, law, coaching, NLP and hypnosis. She is passionate about helping professionals thrive and succeed. Petris works remotely most of the time and is happy to share the tips she has discovered for making it work for her.


"The presenter is really engaging and funny. I would highly recommend this session to my friends and colleagues."
"You are one of the most genuine, positive, funny, enthusiastic – and knowledgeable – people it has been my pleasure to meet. Spending time in your company is like bathing in pure joy! Thank you for your insights that I have used on many occasions both professionally and with family and friends.”
"Always entertaining and educational. Always entertaining and engaging. Always a great presentation. Great, fresh approach. Great speaker, very engaging. Lots of fun and self awareness, great presentation skills. Interesting and fun."
"Your humour, passion, storytelling ability, insightfulness, clarity of presentation and the way you continually checked in re proceeding in a way that felt comfortable for all of us was greatly appreciated. There is enough pressure in our job & for it to be okay to ‘be there as we are’ & to honour that while still encouraging us to ‘move into a new space’ made it easy and non-threatening for everyone to join in in a relaxed manner."
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