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COVID19 Response Series: Keeping You and Your Teams Motivated, Engaged and Connected in a Virtual World

Speakers: James Fletcher

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COVID19 Response Program - Free Law Society Member Webinar Series
CPD Guide: 1 PM, PS

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Working remotely and virtually can cause challenges for legal teams, such as communication break downs and even interpersonal conflict. This virtual and highly interactive session will provide you with techniques for avoiding such challenges and building effective communication, trust and team camaraderie at this difficult time. It has been designed specifically for legal professionals working in the current challenging circumstances of self-isolation and working remotely, and will cover:

  • Legal leadership at all levels and how emotional and social intelligence are key to motivating, engaging and connecting with your team;
  • Virtual Legal Teams and how to build engagement, morale and high-performance using communication and executive coaching techniques;
  • Develop strategies at the individual, team and organizational level to effectively contribute to a productive and harmonious virtual workplace;
  • How to overcome potential barriers to productive virtual workplace relationships, in particular communication breakdowns and workplace conflict at times of high stress and in difficult workplace situations.


James Fletcher, Managing Director, Alta Pete Consulting (ACT)

‘Alta Pete’ means ‘Aim High’. Alta Pete is all about empowering professionals to reach their highest potential.

James is a former Senior Executive Service-level Government lawyer, managing a branch of some 30 lawyers and leading work on significant legislative projects like the NDIS, problem gambling reforms and Stronger Futures in the NT. He is a Level 3 credentialed Executive and Organisational Coach; accredited mediator and trainer as well as being an accredited practitioner in the use of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI).

James' specialties include: adaptive leadership, leading in a VUCA environment, leading change, and building productive and healthy workplace cultures. He regularly provides: professional workshops; customised leadership programs and 1-1 executive coaching for professionals.


“Really engaging. Excellent presenter. Great use of different presentation resources!”

"...[James'] workshop delivery style and communication skills were exceptional. James’ rich experience in coaching and mentoring added significant value to the success of the mentor program. I highly recommend James’ training and facilitations services."

"[The attendee] said it was great how you made everything you were addressing relate to them and it felt relevant."

 "James has an exceptional ability to connect with individuals, act empathetically while remaining friendly, responsive and always professional. James is also an outstanding lawyer & his communication and problem solving skills are apparent to all. I recommend James unequivocally ...."


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