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COVID19 Response Series: Cybersecurity - How to Reduce Risks Associated with Working Remotely

Speakers: David Reynolds

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COVID19 Response Program - Free Law Society Member Webinar Series
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Cybersecurity - how to reduce risks associated with working remotely 

We work face to face, we meet our clients in person, we make paper notes to file and share, we collaborate with our colleagues within our offices, chamber and courts. Now in the current world of restrictions we cannot do this. Instead, we are using video conferencing, email and electronic notes to conduct business. We are meeting our clients and appearing in court via remote connections, working from distributed locations. But how do we maintain our security and meet our professional obligations in this new world? This session is intended to provide an insight into reducing your risks whilst working remotely.



David Reynolds, Special Counsel, Technology and Cyber Security, Damian Lawyers (ACT)

David has over 25 years within the ICT industry, working on the design, implementation and support for commercial and government organisations. His technical area of expertise is in the design of secure communications. In this specialty, he has been employed by major carriers, government agencies, and now private industry in a consulting role. David is a member of the ACT Law Society and is currently working as Special Counsel for Technology and Cyber Security at Damian Lawyers.  


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